Defrac is joining Make.TV

We are excited to announce that Defrac is joining Make.TV!

Building Defrac has been a great experience. We took on the tremendous task of supporting the Web, iOS and Android as native apps albeit having access to limited resources. Our vision for multi-platform development was a unified experience with fantastic runtime-performance as well as short compile-cycles and we're proud of what we've achieved.

We did however feel the pressure of requiring significantly more resources to stay competitive. In this spirit we were searching for a new harbour and found Make.TV, an online video-broadcasting and -acquisition platform. They have been a long time Defrac customer and used our product extensively within their architecture.

The Defrac Beta program will stop immediately and we won't release further public updates for the time being. The future will tell whether or not Defrac — or another form of it — will see its reincarnation as an Open Source technology.

We'd like to thank everyone who registered for the Defrac Beta and helped building a truly great product. We're also thrilled to see continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Defrac and look forward to the public release of their HTML5-based version of Audiotool which we'll continue to support.

Team Defrac